Organize your bathroom well

Organize your bathroom well


Discover our solutions to furnish your new bathroom and make it a practical and pleasant place. Free bathroom plans, layout advice , showers, basins, bathtubs, heated towel rails, equipment … Almost everything is reviewed so that the layout of your bathroom no longer holds any secrets for you.

The basin dares color for a cheerful bathroom

Democratized and adored, color is now essential in the bathroom! We like to adopt it with a colourful, design, joyful, original or elegant basin. From natural green to warm terracotta to delicate pink, the palette of colors has no limit. Depending on the style of the room, the washbasin comes in color and comes in different finishes for a strong character. In contrast with its quirky appearance or a perfect harmony with a tiled floor, a countertop or a credenza, there are many options for a sophisticated decoration. Browse a selection of basins in many colors for all tastes.

How to make a small bathroom bigger?

The bathroom is small? No worries, there are many solutions to enlarge it and create a feeling of space, real or visual. The choice of coverings takes on its full meaning: it is better to opt for light walls, XXL tiles or panoramic wallpaper. Clever fittings also make it possible to bring more functionality to a small bathroom: two-in-one furniture, compact storage or the use of high walls to save space. Through our selection, discover 15 ways to give space to the bathroom, without pushing the walls.

Solutions to hide the toilet in the bathroom

If in theory, separating the toilet from the bathroom is preferable, in reality, it is not always possible to allocate a room – however small – to this use. Let’s see the glass half full by considering that installing the toilet in the bathroom saves space elsewhere. But this is not without some drawbacks, of a hygienic nature of course, but also for questions of privacy. A successful cohabitation requires good management of the separation. We can thus decide to bet on a low wall to hide the toilets, or on a claustra to isolate the small corner of the bathroom without losing brightness. Discover in pictures a range of solutions dedicated to this room of the house.

What coating around a bathtub?

The apron, like the walls surrounding the bathtub, needs a coating adapted to its specificities. The material must be able to withstand splashes of water, shampoo or soap, and more generally the feeling of humidity that characterizes the bathroom. It is therefore better to forget wallpapers which do not withstand repeated contact with liquids (their use should be reserved for the corners furthest from water sources, and only if the ventilation is functional). But beyond the purely technical aspect, the coating which is invited around the bathtub gives it a particular allure. A colored joint allows for example to revisit the timeless white tiling while catching the eye. A waxed concrete cladding gives the bathroom a spa feel, when large tiles create depth, and therefore the illusion of a larger pool. The proof in practice with these 11 interiors where the surroundings of the bathtub have been treated with an elegant coating, sometimes colored, sometimes textured or even printed.

Bathroom: decoration and layout trends in 2023

A place of hygiene that has evolved over the years towards well-being, the bathroom is now the place par excellence of wellness, benefactor and dedicated to self-care. Connected with the introduction of technological products a few years ago (towel warmer that diffuses odors and sound, connected mirror that gives the weather forecast, etc.), it is at the same time a place of protective disconnection par excellence. Ecological awareness is very important there and of course influences trends. Today, the bathroom is an incredible world, in which a faucet can be a rain jet for example, to experience moments of escape and lightness! Discover the decoration and furnishing trends in the

It is not uncommon for the proportions, the convoluted shape of certain bathrooms, to impose the use of made-to-measure solutions for home professionals.

The main piece of furniture has the role of accommodating the basins, but also of the arrangements where to make disappear towels, beauty products – and without encumbering the circulation often limited of this part of the dwelling. As many parameters as made-to-measure makes it possible to respect by marrying the lines of the architecture.

The piece of furniture then slips into a recess near the shower, extends along a vacant wall, or adapts its facades to the more or less salient angles of the room. Along the way, it personalizes its silhouette with pretty reliefs, but also colors adapted to the colorimetry already established by the coatings.

 [Pinterest inspiration] Want to fall for the Art Deco bathroom? Present in the notebooks of trendsetters for several seasons already, the Art Deco style continues to inspire interior designers, editors and decoration brands. This year, it is taking the lion’s share of our bathrooms. Sometimes revisited in contemporary mode, sometimes pure incarnation of the aesthetics of the 1930s, the Art Deco style has the chic to give our bathroom elegance and sophistication. The editorial staff of Côté Maison unveils 15 ultra-inspiring atmospheres to bring your bathroom to the Art Deco era.

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