5 tips for designing a zen bathroom

5 tips for designing a zen bathroom


Much more than a room dedicated to hygiene, the bathroom is now considered a space for relaxation and well-being. It is still necessary that the decoration lends itself to it! Colours, materials, light, decoration…: here are some tips for creating a Zen bathroom.

Prioritize space

To create a relaxing bathroom, optimize the available space by avoiding bulky furniture and equipment. If you have the opportunity to renovate your bathroom in depth, it may be worth replacing a bathtub with a shower to save space. Extra-flat shower trays will allow you, for example, to create a “walk-in shower” effect. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for receivers from the Kinedo, Jacob Delafon or even Villeroy and Boch brands.

To avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed, choose only one or two pieces of furniture for your bathroom. Opt preferably for hanging furniture that saves floor space. This furniture must be able to accommodate all your accessories and products to keep a tidy room. Disorder is to be banned in a Zen bathroom!

Prefer soft colors and clean lines

Bright colors like red, yellow or purple lend themselves little to relaxation. In contrast, neutral tones and pastel colors have a soothing effect. White is your ally because it reflects light and gives the impression of a larger space.

If you have a large and very bright room, you can afford to use darker colors per key, to produce an intimate effect.

When it comes to shapes, favor simplicity: favor clean lines and avoid patterns.

Bet on natural materials

Choose natural materials for your Zen bathroom. For example, install a natural stone basin and a piece of raw wood furniture. The imperfections of the raw materials will bring a touch of authenticity to your space. For the shower, you can install an extra-flat textured shower tray , for a mineral effect. A few green plants will also help you bring nature into your bathroom.

Optimize the brightness

The layout of a Zen bathroom is greatly facilitated by the presence of a window or a skylight. However, if you do not have any source of natural light, install enough light points to effectively illuminate the room. The white light LEDs will provide you with powerful lighting close to natural light. LED mirrors are very practical: they provide powerful lighting while avoiding the multiplication of lights.

Arrange decorative items

To give a Zen touch to your bathroom, do not neglect the details. Help yourself to small objects with simple shapes, made of natural materials, and placed in the right place: pebbles, shells, candles, pots,

baskets… Also think of small pieces of furniture such as a side table or a stool in raw wood. However, be careful not to overdo the decorative objects so as not to overload the room.

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