Cleaning your home:  tips and tricks

Cleaning your home: tips and tricks


You are lucky enough to live in a house, and that comes at a price. Indeed, cleaning is all the longer and more restrictive as your living space is large… But good news, some tips will allow you to save time and be more efficient for house cleaning in  a  private home! Do you want to enjoy accommodation that is always spotless, clean, tidy and smells good?

Organize a cleaning schedule

A good starting organization can ease your mind. By establishing a schedule (possibly in writing), you are sure to carry out the cleaning on a regular basis, without finding yourself overwhelmed by events. A useful reminder, and the best way to turn this constraint into a habit without even noticing it. Advice from our experts:

Force yourself to tidy up every night before going to bed: in the morning when you wake up, you are happy to find your house in order, you start the day on the right foot!

Schedule a quick cleaning on a regular basis, rather than a full cleaning once in a while. This reduces the difficulty of the task, and you save time.

Thoroughly clean your house when the seasons change.

Don’t forget the outdoors! Cleaning the facade and the garden contributes to improving the aesthetics of your home… and promotes your comfort in your family cocoon!

Divide household chores

Everyone benefits from the house, everyone must contribute to keeping it clean and tidy!

Involve the children: by doing so, you are teaching them good manners. You also occupy them with an activity that they will find fun at first, and which will become a great habit over time.

Avoid arguments: divide the tasks in a fair and balanced way, according to the age and the schedule of each one.

Have the right products and the right equipment

How to clean your apartment or house quickly?  By always having the equipment and effective cleaning products available  ! Your cleaning accessories must also be perfectly maintained, for an always impeccable result. Tips from our experts:

Use the right product for each type of surface. The cleaning product for the floor of your house cannot be used for your oven, for example, be careful when choosing!

However, be aware that some cleaners are versatile:  white vinegar  is an exemplary product for this purpose. Take the opportunity to make space in your cupboards, and gain simplicity…

Keep your sponges always clean: so you don’t have to go over the same place several times, the best way not to waste time.

Have at least a broom and a mop. If possible, equip yourself with a vacuum cleaner to go faster, and a wolf’s head to facilitate the cleaning of ceilings and outdoor surfaces at height.

Start by tidying up!

It is good to remember this obvious fact: before cleaning your house, make sure that your house is perfectly  tidy . Do not leave any object lying on the ground, and make sure that the work surfaces are properly emptied of the superfluous. It is frustrating to turn off the vacuum cleaner to pick up your children’s toys, this circumstance does not motivate you to continue cleaning…

Use the best cleaning techniques

Cleaning is a job, a good knowledge of the basic techniques allows you to go faster and obtain a result that is all the more satisfactory. THE basic rule: start at the top to finish at the bottom. The dust you clear from the ceilings, in fact, settles on the floor. It would be a shame to have to start all over again…

Proceed with method and logic

How to properly clean the whole house? Adapt your method according to your surface area and the configuration of your home. 2 tips from our experts:

Proceed step by step. To avoid the hassle of going back and forth from the 1st floor to the ground floor, start at the top then lower the equipment to finish with the bottom.

Intelligently group tasks together to optimize your efforts. If you have to change the sheets, do all the  rooms  in the house before you start on another task, for example. Similarly, dust off all the trinkets and shelves one after the other so you don’t have to change equipment too often.

Look at cleaning from an ecological angle

Cleaning your home is an opportunity to contribute to the ecological effort! Use a minimum of water, choose your cleaning products carefully,  make your own cleaning products , prefer the broom to the vacuum cleaner… so many good reflexes to adopt gradually, to preserve the planet!

Pay attention to precious surfaces and materials

Do not rush headlong, armed with your most powerful detergents… Certain surfaces and certain objects indeed require specific care when cleaning your home. Don’t risk damaging your most precious belongings! Copper, silverware, marble… take into account the nature of the material to choose the product to use and the risk-free cleaning method.

Double up on special occasions

Are you organizing a birthday party? Are you leaving your accommodation? Do you do construction ? So many opportunities that justify a thorough cleaning!

Cleaning your house before selling or renting allows you to showcase your property, do not neglect the task.

A  major cleaning  after work allows you to find your accommodation perfectly clean, for an even more pleasant welcome.

You receive ? Your guests will be all the more delighted if you welcome them to a sparkling house!

Treat yourself to Merci+ for cleaning your house…

Our  cleaning company  relieves you of restrictive tasks, to lighten your daily life and improve the comfort of the whole family at home. Do you want to save time and save on the drudgery of household chores? Merci+ offers you a tailor-made service to perfectly meet your expectations and increase your quality of life.

– Occasional interventions: you carry out regular cleaning of your house, our  cleaning ladies  intervene at the desired frequency or exceptionally for a more in-depth cleaning.

– A regular mission: we assign you a dedicated worker, who goes to your home according to a schedule and for a previously agreed hourly volume. Whatever your needs, take advantage of the advice and tips above to optimize the work of your Merci+ housekeeper and properly maintain your accommodation between 2 visits. Interested in benefiting from the professionalism of our experienced housekeepers? Ask for an estimate for the cleaning of your house! We meet with you beforehand to establish the right price, based on your specific requests.

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