Everything you need to know about Poltronesofa sofas

Everything you need to know about Poltronesofa sofas


Poltronesofà  is a brand that for more than 25 years has been producing sofas in an artisanal way, with the aim of offering top-of-the-range sofas at the best price and handcrafted with top quality materials. The Italian brand offers a range of more than  90 models  with a total of around  350 different coverings  , with customizable comfort and dimensions. In this guide you can find out in detail our opinion on Poltronesofà sofas , with a presentation of the best models and some alternatives from other leading brands.

Poltronesofà: comfort experts since 1995

It was in 1995 that the  Poltronesofà brand was born in Forlì in Emilia-Romagna, in northern Italy. Very soon, the first store was opened in Parma. From the outset, the Italian manufacturer has always highlighted the quality of its products and the  artisanal production  of sofas and armchairs in fabric and leather.

Right sofa

All Poltronesofà sofas are designed by furnishing specialists, with soft and resistant materials, and  always meticulous finishes . Because a sofa is more than just a piece of furniture, Poltronesofà makes every effort to ensure that each product that leaves its workshops is unique and can bring great comfort to customers and enhance an interior.

If today the Italian brand is a leader in its field, it is of course for the quality of its products, but also for their  very good value for money . Poltronesofà also stands out from other manufacturers by offering a rich and varied catalog, with  straight sofas ,  corner sofas ,  sofa beds ,  relaxation sofas , and very practical options on some models such as a storage box or a retractable footrest.

In the end, there are so many models on offer that testing them all would be difficult, but the great popularity of the brand testifies to the satisfaction of many customers. Poltronesofà sofas offer  balanced comfort with a feeling of softness for a pleasant welcome, and optimal support.

Best canapes

Depending on your tastes and preferences, but also your budget and the space available in your living room, you can always find a model that will meet your expectations.

Thanks to the high quality of the materials and the know-how of its craftsmen, the Poltronesofà brand guarantees all its sofas and armchairs for  10 years .

What are the prices for Poltronesofà sofas?

Poltronesofà sofas are high-end products  , handmade by highly skilled craftsmen and using expensive materials. The prices of Poltronesofà sofas are therefore obviously quite high compared to other less premium sofas, but they remain surprisingly affordable for such quality products.

Prices vary, of course, enormously depending on the model and the  customization  chosen. In particular, it is possible to choose the size and number of seats, the color, options (ottoman, chest, sofa bed), and all these choices have an impact on the price.

Whether you go directly to a brand store or to one of the authorized retailers, you can find Poltronesof sofas  from around €600  for 2-seater fabric models, and for the most expensive models, the price can go up to  several thousand euros .

Even the most basic models benefit from the best materials and an exemplary finish, and they are all guaranteed for 10 years.

Corner sofa

Promotions  are also offered regularly by Poltronesofà, including free delivery, free removal of your old sofa  , and exceptional discounts of up to  €1,500  for the purchase of a new sofa.

Poltronesofà fabric sofas

In total, Poltronesofà offers  more than 40 sofas in different fabrics , and for each of these it is possible to choose from a very wide variety of coverings ( 319 fabrics ). Each fabric sofa is available in several models, and on the brand’s website, it is quite easy to navigate from one to another to discover all the choices, and personalize your future sofa.

What is the best alternative to Poltronesofà fabric sofas?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Poltronesofà catalog or if you have a tight budget, the  fabric sofa might be of interest to you.

This very modern and sober style 2-seater sofa is available in 3 colours: dark grey, light gray and blue. It is covered with a very soft and resistant polyester fabric. With its rubberwood frame, gently sloping armrests, plush back cushions and high-density foam-filled seat cushions, its build quality is very remarkable considering its low price.

The  fixed 3-seater leather sofa , available at Conforoma, is clearly one of the best value for money on the market. Available in 5 colors (grey, beige, brown, black and red), this sofa entirely covered in Italian leather, with a very comfortable seat and a high backrest, adopts a fairly classic design that can blend into any living room and give it a chic touch.

In fabric or leather, Poltronesofà offers practically  50  different models of  corner sofas , which are designed to adapt to any living room optimizing space. Nearly  300 coatings  are offered.

Some models incorporate a relaxation area with a retractable footrest and a reclining backrest, a storage box, and they are sometimes even  convertible  to provide a large sleeping surface.

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