Post Renovation vs House Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Post Renovation vs House Cleaning: What’s the Difference?


Having a newly renovated home is an exciting moment for any homeowner. But before moving in, we must ensure it’s completely free of dust, debris, and other hazards left behind during construction work.

We might assume that some general house cleaning is enough for this. However, post-renovation cleaning involves various procedures to ensure a house is ready for us to live in.

Let’s discuss what is involved in post-renovation and general house cleanups to understand why we need the former too.

How to Differentiate Post-Renovation and Regular House Cleaning

The Steps Involved

Post-renovation cleaning involves specific steps to deal with all the construction waste left in the home. We can categorise these in three phases:

Rough Clean

This mainly consists of disposing debris and leftover construction materials. Stickers, labels, or pieces of tape will also be removed from doors, windows, and other surfaces. The rooms will also be vacuumed to remove much of the dust.

Detailed Clean

This phase of post-renovation cleaning involves various tasks, such as washing, mopping, scrubbing, and disinfecting all surfaces. The fixtures throughout the home, such as the toilets, sinks, and appliances will also be cleaned and sanitised.

Final Touches

Before the cleaning session finishes, the house will be checked for any remaining dust and dirt to ensure that it is 100% ready for moving in. The indoor air must also be purified to protect homeowners from any lingering fumes in the rooms.

Post-renovation cleaning is an intensive process because it needs to remove all traces of the construction work done with our homes.

Meanwhile, house cleaning is less demanding because it’s a routine maintenance session that generally includes dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. The goal is to keep the home tidy in between deep clean appointments.

Areas of Focus

In a post-renovation cleanup, every renovated space and the objects in them must be cleaned meticulously. This includes window sills, frames, and even the lighting fixtures. Adjacent areas that also have construction waste will need cleaning as well.

With general house cleaning, we do not need to pay as much attention to detail as we should after a renovation. We only need to focus on keeping a consistent level of cleanliness.

Equipment Required

Post-renovation cleaning often requires specialised equipment such as air purifiers, industrial vacuums, and power washers to fully clean a home.

Meanwhile, standard house cleanups usually do not need such tools. We can make do with regular vacuums, brooms, mops, sponges, and other common cleaning supplies to get the job done.

Health Risks

A significant difference between post-renovation and house cleanups is the health risks involved. Cleaners can be exposed to toxic construction waste that can cause severe side effects ranging from breathing difficulties to poisoning. This is why renovation cleanup crews typically wear respirators to avoid accidently breathing in fumes.

While regular home cleaning still has risks, such as allergic reactions, they are typically not as dangerous to us. The amount of dust and pollutants we deal with are easier to manage than in renovated homes.

Hiring a Post-Renovation Cleaning Professional is Safer for You

House cleanups are a doable task if we have the time and energy. Of course, many Singaporeans hire cleaning services since they are too busy to do chores themselves.

With post-renovation cleaning, it’s safer to have a professional service handle it. They already have the expertise and tools to clean your home safely and thoroughly. The specialists will also ensure your spaces are completely livable.

Get Your Home Ready With The Right Cleaning Company

Any Singaporean undertaking a renovation project should understand the differences between post-renovation and our usual home cleaning. Both are important for maintaining our houses. However, the former requires special equipment, attention to detail, and training beyond what the conventional cleaner has.

So be sure to hire a trusted cleaning agency here in Singapore that offers reliable post-renovation cleaning services. With their help, you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy home with your family.

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