Makeover a kitchen: easy and inexpensive ideas

Makeover a kitchen: easy and inexpensive ideas


Is your kitchen a little dull or too rustic? It’s time to give it a facelift. Kitchen furniture, paint, tiling, credenza… Overview of all our easy and inexpensive ideas to give your old kitchen a fresh look , with the help of a good coat of paint, furniture from new kitchens or trendy accessories to decorate a kitchen from floor to ceiling.

Makeover a kitchen: easy and inexpensive ideas

A place of life and desire, the kitchen has become a real playground for decorating enthusiasts. With an infinite palette of colors, a wide choice in the marriage of materials and increasingly different universes, the decoration of the kitchen is the reflection of a personality specific to each one. A kitchen without wall units, an open kitchen, a kitchen with an island or a kitchen with a glass roof, there are also many possible layouts. Adapted to the needs of those who occupy it, the layout of the room is decisive in creating a kitchen that is pleasant to live in and gives off a unique atmosphere. Browse 40 kitchen decor like 40 ways to create a room that looks like you with a style like no other.

Items to decorate your kitchen

A bit old-fashioned or too rustic for your taste, your kitchen was thirsty for modernity in 2022! To help you restore its past freshness, the editorial staff has concocted articles specially dedicated to the makeover of the kitchen, as well as its decoration. Topics that were timely if we are to believe the number of clicks generated!

How to make a kitchen warmer?

If you like a clean and tidy kitchen, an overly refined layout and decoration sometimes lack warmth. To make the kitchen more welcoming, there are a few easy tips to implement: repaint the wall in a warm tone, opt for authentic materials like wood or floor tiles, put wallpaper wisely, and everything simply bring life inside the room using plants why not; or even leave a little disorder to settle in so that the kitchen feels inhabited. From floor to ceiling, discover the good decoration ideas of the pros to make a kitchen more welcoming, and make this space a living room in its own right.

Kitchen: what color on the walls with white furniture?

In a kitchen with white furniture, the color wakes up the walls. Painted or tiled, it can be installed on the credenza, in the basement and even on the ceiling. If immaculate facades are synonymous with modernity, especially in a lacquered finish, the kitchen can quickly seem too neutral and fall into a “clinical” style. A touch of color then brings relief and energizes the whole. From bright blue to powder pink via yellow, all the shades are available on the kitchen walls. Many color duos are possible with white. From the most sober to the most vitaminized combinations, find out what color to paint on the walls of a kitchen with white furniture.

Black and white kitchens win us over

Among the timeless colors in the kitchen, white and black are always on the rise. Both bright and connoted with a certain cleanliness, the white kitchen seduces with its minimalist style, its simple character capable of adapting to all universes. Rustic or contemporary, white is everywhere! For the past few seasons, black cuisine has been arousing curiosity and experiencing great enthusiasm. It is the strong sign of a new interest in the kitchen as a living room and reflects an assertive character for a worked space open to the living room, or a place of conviviality where it is pleasant to receive. In white or black version, browse a selection of more than 25 inspiring kitchens to make the right choice!

Kitchen makeover: our best advice

Your kitchen has lived and the desire for change torments you? Good news, no need to break everything and spend crazy sums to give it a real facelift, a simple kitchen makeover may be enough. Furniture and worktop repainted with specific paints, new flooring, decorated credenza or even simple accessorization… Follow the tips of our experts, and treat yourself to a new room in a home staging version. The kitchen makeover? An easy, fast and very economical solution, for a most satisfactory result.

An adhesive splashback to revamp the kitchen

You don’t need to start a complete renovation to breathe a little freshness into the kitchen – an adhesive splashback can easily allow you to give your profile a makeover. Easy to install, but also more economical than a classic covering, self-adhesive tiles, tiles and other wall stickers naturally find their place above the worktop. Although there is a wide range of adhesive tiles today, not all of them are compatible with the requirements of the kitchen – it is therefore necessary to rely on perfectly waterproof models, preferably in vinyl, which are resistant to repeated contact with steam, grease splashes or heat. Chosen with a print, the self-adhesive splashback personalizes the decor without touching the furniture. It also allows to adopt the rendering of marble or brass without the natural disadvantages of these materials. These alternative and adhesive coatings thus make it possible to enhance the contours of the kitchen without breaking the bank.

Painting: trendy colors for the kitchen

Constantly adapting to the desires of the moment, the kitchen plays the painting card. This season’s trendy colors are alternately original, pop or more classic in a timeless vein. They are available depending on the atmosphere you want to instill in this space. Kitchenette, open or even linear model, each kitchen has one (or more) color that highlights it. The editorial team has gathered for you 16 paint colors at the heart of the trend, for a kitchen in tune with the times.

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