Which awning to choose for a living room?

Which awning to choose for a living room?


Choosing the right blind for your living room can be a headache. A real place to live, it is the room of the house where we gather. It is therefore essential to take care of the decoration so that you feel good there. If you want to control the light, preserve your privacy, improve the energy efficiency of your room or highlight its personality, we will help you choose the best solution. In this room, darkening is rather secondary. Here, the role of blinds is purely decorative. A nice fabric or material? The perfect coordination of blinds and furniture contributes to the creation of a particularly harmonious and pleasant space.

Refined Venetian blinds for an industrial living room

Made from extremely resistant aluminum in a responsible and respectful way, Venetian blinds are an excellent choice for your living room to offer a touch of elegance and modernity to your room and to reinforce its industrial aspect, while ensuring precise light management.

Three slat widths are currently available to accommodate windows of all sizes. If your living room has a mixture of extra large windows, sliding patio doors or even tilt and turn windows, our Venetian blinds will adapt perfectly, giving a resolutely contemporary style to the whole.

On the color side, the industrial style likes black, gray, red, but nothing prevents you from opting for gold, pink or pastel shades to soften the atmosphere.

Roman blinds for an elegant living room

If you like to have a soft fabric style in your living room, Roman blinds are an elegant alternative to traditional long curtains. They will allow you to create an atmosphere of well-being and intimacy in your living room and will make it an even more welcoming room. You can choose roman blinds made from transparent or semi-transparent fabrics to embellish the room and provided that you do not have an awkward vis-à-vis. On the other hand, if you are exposed to prying eyes, turn to sieving fabrics that will protect you from looks, light and reduce glare in your living room or TV room.

Made from beautiful fabrics with impeccable folds, Roman blinds will add a design note that will catch the eye, especially if your living room consists of lots of white and neutral tones. They are equipped with a practical and safe chain operation for children and guarantee simple and efficient operation.

Roller blinds for a clean living room

Nothing like roller blinds for a minimalist living room. Combining simplicity and elegance, these blinds with sober lines will help you obtain a soothing atmosphere and will emphasize the modern side of the room. They will allow you to protect your living room from the sun’s rays which can discolor and damage furniture and flooring. We appreciate the roller blind for its discretion. It adapts to all sizes of glazing: from the smallest window to the large bay window overlooking the swimming pool.

When it comes to color, choose a simple palette to dress your windows. Opt for white or gray and dark tones. To really boost your living space, you can bet on patterned roller blinds which will become a key element of your living room. In addition to bringing an elegant touch of personality to your decor, they can help lift your spirits and inspire you.

If energy efficiency is a top priority for your living room, bet on honeycomb pleated blinds. They are characterized by their alveolar structure, in the form of air cushions and have a pleated face both at the back and at the front. Thanks to their closed cell structure, they have insulating characteristics while allowing you to create a very pleasant indoor climate. In winter, it will reign a gentle heat while in summer, you will enjoy the freshness!

The two-way opening option will allow you to regulate privacy and the entrance of light in an optimal way. You can thus control your awning from the side where you want it: top and/or bottom. The awning can therefore be independently closed and opened, up and down.

The narrow pleats of the pleated blinds make them a timeless and aesthetic product with which you will create an interior with an authentic and personal atmosphere and style! With trendy fabrics in bright or subtle colors, pleated blinds can bring a touch of discreet elegance to your decoration or, on the contrary, be the center of attention in your living room.

Wooden Venetian blinds for a warm living room

To create a warm living room, wooden Venetian blinds are essential. With their noble material and their natural colors, they invite themselves into your living room to bring an authentic, comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere. Our two slat sizes, 25 and 50 mm, will allow you to define the natural light and the view of the outside you will need while respecting your privacy.

Made from top quality hardwoods, the blades resist cracking and breaking, and being coated with a coat of paint with a UV filter, they won’t bleach from the sun. For a personalized look, you can embellish your blinds with elegant textile braids that will complement your decoration and accentuate the style of your living room.

Day night roller blinds for a contemporary living room

If you are looking for a modern touch for your living room windows, choose day night roller blinds. Composed of two panels of fabric sliding one in front of the other and interspersed with horizontal bands, this innovative blind will offer you an optimal dosage of light, in all ease and elegance. Once closed, it will perfectly preserve your privacy.

Day-night awnings are made to your measurements, up to a maximum width of 2.4 m (depending on the model). They can be laid side by side to cover the widest openings. The day night blind without box is intended for wall installation, but it can be fixed to the ceiling, on the other hand the model with box, will be fixed on the opening of the window (option to drill or to stick to the choice) .

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