Plumbing Issues Affecting Homeowners: What Causes Them?

Plumbing Issues Affecting Homeowners: What Causes Them?


Plumbing issues are homeowners’ part of life. These issues can become more problematic when they start interrupting your family’s peace and their everyday routine. This is why emergency plumbing Calgary and understanding causes of plumbing problems are important to help address and prevent those issues. Some of these causes include the following:

1. Delayed Plumbing Repairs

A minor leak might seem like a non-issue to you. However, in the long-run, that minor leak can cause more damages to your wood fixtures, surrounding cabinetry, and pipes. If you don’t attend to the problem on time, it can also result in high water bills and reduced air quality in the house due to biological growth.

2. Toilet Backup

An overflowing toilet can destroy the structures of your home. Usually, this overflow results from large items, like sanitary napkins, paper towels, or disposable diapers. In this situation, ensure you hire a plumber to help unclog the toilet.

3. Burst Sewer or Water Pipes

This often happens during winter when pipes freeze. The increased pressure because of the ice formation can result in flooding and lateral flooding. A perfect way to handle this issue is to locate the shut-off valve and deactivate the water supply before you call a plumber.

4. Leaky Pipes

Different issues result in leaky pipes, including pipe corrosion, incorrect laying of pipes, cracked pipes, and stubborn clogs. Regardless of what causes leaky pipes, you have to fix the problem quickly. The longer you wait, the more damage leaky pipes will cause to your home and plumbing system.

5. Clogged Toilets and Drains

Wondering how to spot a clogged toilet drain? Take a shower or try to empty your sink – you will see backing up of water. For clogged toilets, the signs are more apparent. Rather than flushing as it should, the water will back up in your toilet bowl and can overflow.

6. Faulty Water Heating Systems

Many water heating systems last for around ten years. Therefore, if you bought one recently for your home and still experience problems with the new system, then it means it’s faulty. If you notice your system isn’t working, first check the pilot first.

7. Low Water Pressure

Several factors cause low water pressure. These factors include faulty pressure regulators, sediment buildups in your pipes, and restricted aerators. You may try to clean the aerator but if it doesn’t work, contact a plumber to help you diagnose and have the problem fixed.

8. Cracked Pipes or Broken Fittings

Mostly, this problem is related to age but an unexpected impact may also crack pipes and break fittings, causing the gushing of water. Therefore, make sure you check your pipes all the time and contact an expert immediately if they are cracked or broken.

In conclusion, hiring a competent Calgary plumber is important. The expert will help you to inspect your plumbing system once or two times a year. With this, you will prevent issues related to plumbing, like high leaks, broken pipes, low water pressure, and clogged toilets.

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